Peel – 30 mins £55

A highly effective treatment for dull and sun damaged skin, acne scarring, age spots, wrinkles and minimising pores. Glycolic gel is applied to the skin’s surface to achieve a deep level of peel, removing damaged surface cells, stimulation the skin’s metabolism and boosting the production of healthy new cells and collagen fibres. Skin is smoother, firmer and brighter.

Alpha-beta Peel – 30 mins £60

Professional formula double-action peel is a more intense, powerful, smoother, line fighter, wrinkle reducer, expect a glow, a few flakes, followed by… amazing results.

Peel plus Facial – 60 mins £70

An enhanced peel intensifying the effects of the glycolic action to advance your skins condition in leaps and bounds. This is followed by an appropriate treatment mask leaving the skin very smooth and radiant. The customised deluxe version of the glycolic facial peel.

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